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Nabatiyeh Governorate of Lebanon

Bint Jbeil District

The Bint Jbeil District is a district in the Nabatiyeh Governorate of Lebanon. The capital of the district is Bint Jbeil.The town has an estimated population of 30,000.

Bint Jbeil Casa


The administrative boundaries of the district in the South Lebanon governorate was historically drawn to suit electoral interests of Lebanese politicians in the past, and in practice, the villages of this district bare a lot of resemblance to villages of the Tyre Qaza, in terms of economic activity, religious composition, and political affiliation.

Distinction in this largely homogenous area can still be made between the urban areas (Nabatieh and the villages surrounding it) or larger towns (like the town of Bint Jbeil) on the one hand, and the rural areas and smaller villages on the other. The former have a variety of economic activities and do not rely primarily on agriculture and have historically higher levels of education. Those cities and towns have a longer civil and cultural tradition with Bint Jbeil being home towns of prominent writers and academics.

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